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The Number and Quality of the Faculty

At Vishwakarma Creative-i College the number and quality of the faculty are sufficient to provide program continuity, proper frequency of course offerings and breadth of perspective across the academic disciplines. The overall competence and effectiveness of the faculty are manifested by such factors as formal education, industrial experience, professional certification, up-to-date knowledge of the subject matter, teaching experience, teaching effectiveness, technical currency, publication and scholarly activity, participation in professional societies, ability to communicate in English, teaching evaluations, extracurricular support for student activities and similar attributes as appropriate to the goals of the program.

Vishwakarma Creative-i College relies on the quality of its faculty, many having served for years. We have innovative policies to attract best faculty members. Practicing professionals who are employed as part-time teachers enhance the quality of many programs. At the same time, the use of Full - Time Faculty brings challenges with regard to internal communication, and selection and supervision.

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  • Jagtap
    Mr. J.J. Jagtap
    Experience : Teaching experience 48 Years
    Industry Experience : 30 Years
  • shrikant kadam
    Mr. Shrikant Kadam
    Experience : Teaching experience 18 Years
    Industry Experience : 10 Years
  • Dr. Avadhut Murari Atre
    Dr. Avadhut Murari Atre
    Experience : Teaching experience 16 Years
    Industry Experience : 12 Years
  • Ms. Rakhi Charwad
    Ms. Rakhi Charwad
    Experience : 10 years
    Industry Experience : 07 years
  • Vivek Vasant Nimbolkar
    Mr. Vivek Vasant Nimbolkar
    Experience : Teaching experience 6 years
    Industry Experience : 10 years
  • Anuprita Phakatkar
    Ms. Anuprita Phakatkar
    Experience : Teaching experience 2 years
    Industry Experience : 2 years

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