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Master of Fine Arts in Painting

2 Years B.F.A. in Painting Course is affiliated to UGC approved University
Fine artists create visual art, usually specializing in a specific type, such as painting or sculpture. Their goals may be many: to create something of beauty, to trigger emotion, and to make people think.

A Fine arts degree is versatile enough to open doors for many unique career opportunities. The term "fine art" refers to an art form practiced mainly for its aesthetic value and its beauty. Education in fine arts is entirely different from other disciplines as it requires some inborn talent and skill. So the aspirants must have artistic and creative talent.  Fine Art as a visual art form; has a long history. It suggests gradual developments in changing art forms, mediums, influences in subsequent periods of human history of evolution.

The M.F.A. Painting is a professionally oriented degree course especially intended for those students who completed the B.F.A.

M.F.A. is an artist's master degree; educates the students in advance specialization. The course follows practices of allied art forms. This two years degree courses build up with specific practical, different techniques, range of media, creative thinking and theories; in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting etc. the subjects like history of art and architecture and aesthetic i.e. Indian and western, are a part of the course. The M.F.A. degree makes students, the best for professional careers in various visual art fields; in addition to the theoretical knowledge of the fine art. Most program include classroom courses; along with many hours of creative practice and enlightening lectures of history and theory of art.

Fine artists may express his personal visions through creations such as paintings, drawing sculpting or making crafts; depending on his skill and abilities. ‘Master of Fine Art’, graduates may choose a career as a professional artist. The job opportunities for a fine artist are endless. He can choose a wide range of career options and some opportunities may guide him towards renowned and splendid career.

Talented painters that have refined their skills in art schools are often try to have their work displayed in art galleries and museums. Some artists may be successful in selling their paintings to private collectors or companies. At times, a painter may be commissioned to create specific pieces of art. Artists with a degree in fine art may also be hired by art museums and art galleries to restore and preserve masterpieces from other artists as well. This is a highly specialized field, however, and usually only the most talented artists will be chosen for this type of position.

A fine art degree also provides you with transferable skills that are valued by many employers. These include:
  • The ability to develop individual ideas and collaborate with others
  • Strong observational, research and analytical skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • The ability to learn from criticism and be objective about your work
  • An openness to new influences and concepts
  • How to set up in business and entrepreneurship.

After completion of Master’s degree in fine arts students can be employed or go for further higher education in following field of knowledge.
  • Fine artist
  • Art Director
  • Art Teacher
  • Museum/ gallery curator
  • Printmaker
  • Museum/ gallery exhibitions officer
  • Curators
  • Art directors
  • Craft Artist
  • Art Consultant
  • Art Coordinator
  • Art Critic
  • Art Director
  • Art Historian
  • Archeology
  • Indology
History of Indian Art (Pre Independence period)
Aesthetics of Indian Art or Restoration & Conservation of Antiquities
Specialization Subject (Painting/Print Making/Portrait)
Drawing (Figurative/Non Figurative)
Workshop / Art Camp / Field Work / Exhibition
Research / Dissertation Presentation
History of Western Art (Renaissance to 20th Century period)
Aesthetics of Western Art or Restoration & Conservation of Antiquities
Specialization Subject (Painting /Print Making /Portrait)
Drawing (Figurative/Non Figurative)
Workshop / Art Camp / Field Work / Exhibition
Research / Dissertation Presentation

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  • Vishal V. Wadaye
    While working as an visual artist for over eighteen years after BFA, I was driven by a strong desire to complete further studies with Master in fine arts. At the age of 42,VCIC provided me such great opportunity . I'm thank full to the visionary and Director Dr. Bankar Sir.
    Vishal V. Wadaye
    Asst. Prof. Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, Maharashtra