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About us

Our Philosophy


Our vision is for all college activities to enlighten and refine the human experience through visual and performing arts and communications.


Our mission is to teach the disciplines of visual arts, communications, theatre, media arts, and music; explore their application to various media; and expand their civilizing influence on the human spirit. College activities must be founded on spiritual values, academic rigor, performance and creative excellence. The college seeks a balance among these areas of endeavor that offers students an integrated education in preparation for a lifetime of service and professional contribution to humankind.

Values and Culture

As an educational institution Vishwakarma Creative-I College values the experience of creating new work as the key ingredient in the education of its students. In addition to its fundamental commitment to creative practice, the college believes that conceptual thinking and contextual understanding are vital components of design education.

An education through the design at Vishwakarma Creative-I College unites theory and practice. It preserves the promise of a liberal education: to instill in its students the lifelong love of learning. In addition, and most crucially, Vishwakarma Creative-i College mandates that its students acquire the skills and habits of mind that will allow them to continue to be creative contributors to the culture around them. As an institutional citizen, the college values its place in the dynamic, economic and cultural region of the country. Vishwakarma Creative-i College shall use its expertise in education through the design to address issues of common concern. The college shall remain dedicated to the belief that design and society mutually benefit from increasing the points of intersection between personal creative work and its social, economic and political contexts.